Winners of Army tennis tournament
Winners of Army tennis tournament
Lots of information on the back in John's writing, but nothing giving the date or the place. It does make clear, by implication, that the cups are trophies from a tennis tournament; and I only get that much by knowing that John is much more likely to have competed in a tennis tournament than a ping pong tournament (which also would have singles and doubles competition).


From left to right

1. Major Minch, runner-up in singles and doubles
2. Major Gibson, winner in singles and doubles
3. Major General E.E. MacMorland, Post Commander, runner-up in doubles
4. Capt. J. Dyer-Bennet, winner in doubles
5. Capt. Domos, manager of the tournament
6. Col. White, Chairman of the Board of Governers of the Officers' Club


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